Henriette Sun

About me:

I lived four years in Hong Kong and two years between Shanghai and Thailand. I worked in different fields while living in Asia within production of fashion, orphan children and anti-trafficking. I always had my artwork on the side while getting a lot of inspiration through the people and places I met and in the different situations I found myself in. Often very diverse environments.

Living abroad brought me to India a few and many times, many different places in Thailand, China, Bali, The Philipines, Laos and a short trip to Korea where I was born and Singapore too. One of my most inspirational trips was hitch hiking through Zambia in Africa. From Lusaka to the border of Congo with a back pack and a bike, ending up in beautiful Mutinondo, a nature reserve with rock pools and wonderful sunsets. Now back in Denmark I still find great inspiration in the people I surround my self with and vacations near the beautiful raw ocean by the West Coast with my dog, Basil. I also enjoy Spain where my family has another house near an old beautiful city called Mijas.

In other words I'm inspired by people. With all that it takes to be human, perfect or not. Our choices! The way we percept, accept and don't. I'm inspired by contrasts, the balance and imbalance which we bring into reality of others and our own worlds. I find inspiration in beauty, my travels, books and poetry because it tells a hundred words and paints the love and loss of a lifetime in just a few lines. I find the peace to paint alone by the West Coast in Northern Denmark, in Spain and in the beautiful nature where I live.

I've been creating art since early childhood and had my first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2001. Since then I've been involved in various charity projects, exhibitions with other artists, exhibited through art associations and sold my paintings to mostly private people and companies.

In spring 2013 I received my Nurse Degree. I have been working within oncology and now with people who is in need of help in their homes. I find great inspiration and lessons in this as well.

I also create commercial adds for local papers and magazines for a family member.

Some of the places I have been exhibiting:

AarhusKarlshamn (Denmark)
Nomeco (Denmark)
Glaxo Smith Kline (Denmark)
Laura Mode I/S (Denmark))
House of Prince (Denmark)
Shanghai Studio (Shanghai)
Fringe Club (Hong Kong)
Andersens Hotel (Denmark)
A.P. Møller, Esplanaden 50 (Denmark)

- May You have a wonderful day and I wish the best of Your dreams come true <3